The Coffee Academy

The passion for coffee, the protection and spread of its culture are an integral part of Caffè Mauro's philosophy. That’s why the Coffee Academy was born: a preferential meeting point in which Caffè Mauro's experts exchange their views and greet anyone who loves the world of quality coffee. In any activity carried out, the Coffee Academy merges tradition, culture and competence. The Academy's managers daily visit the market, detect the consumers' needs and search innovative solutions. Being careful experts of coffee, they control day by day every stage of the production cycle, from the right choice of the origins to the slow roasting, to the end product, testing always new solutions. But the Academy was created above all to spread the culture of coffee and offers highly qualifying education courses with four levels of specialization. Passing the final exams of every course you’ll will receive a certificate of attendance issued by Caffè Mauro, which is a member of important trade Associations. In the Academy, drinking a coffee becomes a multi-sensory experience. The courses teach how to observe and taste coffee through the sight, smell and palate, as well as to refine the ability of detecting values and flaws, aroma, taste and body of the selected varieties of coffee. In fact, the Academy's slogan is "non esiste un solo caffè né un solo modo di berlo” (there’s not just one type of coffee, neither a single way to drink it).

The innovation

The spread of the culture of coffee is the main objective of the Academy's work. The high qualifying education given to the courses' participants allows to create experts which, in their turn, are able to open other Academies, overseen by Caffè Mauro as far as the standards are concerned, both in Italy and abroad. Our academy's manager, member of Barista S.C.A.E. (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe), is involved in the most qualified groups of the world of coffee.

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